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Concept for NACK

The concept for the NACK came from recognition that Long Island has amazing natural resources for a variety of types of paddling and a wide range of interests and skills among its population. NACK was founded by a group of highly trained local instructors with a diversity of certification backgrounds including the American Canoe Association, the British Canoe Union and the American Red Cross. All had a desire to bring the fundamentals of paddling safety to the community at large as well as provide for a program of continuous improvement in skills for paddlers at all levels.

If you take a risk you may fail, if you don't you surely will!

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Inception of NACK

In the late-spring of 2005 the founding directors and leaders of NACK realized that Eastern Long Island with its wealth of shoreline and freshwater resources needed a paddling club dedicated to training and safety. We began working to formulate the basic tenets of what we considered be a premier paddling club.

In order to provide the best resources to all members we determined to incorporate the club as a Not-For-Profit corporation under New York State Law. This allows us tax deferment on club purchases and activities and makes our dues and donations legitimately tax deferred. There are other advantages that being part of a NFP Corporation offers its members that we hope will be evident in the future as the organization grows and can assume more responsibility.

We also decided it was important to provide for liability insurance for club activities in order to manage the risk to all members in the remote case of a serious accident. We found the best resource for this was to work through the American Canoe Association as a "Paddle America Club". This allows us to access some of the best "Sports Oriented" insurance available with the bargaining power of a National Organization. We further determined that the goals and principles of the ACA are eminently consistent with our own.

The bylaws of any club define its scope, purpose and how it will conduct its business. The bylaws may be as simple or as complex as necessary depending on the nature of the structure and goals. The bylaws of NACK have grown with the added complexity of becoming a Not-For-Profit Corporation and an ACA Paddle America Club. In addition, the bylaws are a reference by which founders hopes to guide our membership as we grow and advance as a strong well-run organization.

Much energy was invested in selecting a name. We decided that we did not want to limit the scope of our organization either in terms of the type of craft or interests of our members or in terms of the area we serve or can paddle in. The name North Atlantic Canoe and Kayak seemed to fit our goals well, and led directly to our humorous but well meaning slogan.

We agree that training must be fun, enriching, challenging, and adventurous to be enjoyable. We each agree that we will never stop learning. As much as we want to share good skills with our friends in the paddling community, we also want to continue growing ourselves.

Practice makes permanent, Training makes perfect!

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Goals and Purposes for NACK

In the Articles of Incorporation the stated purposes for which NACK has been formed are educational and literary. Specifically: "NACK will promote ongoing education in safe and responsible canoeing and kayaking - for paddlers of all skill levels - on the rivers, lakes and coastal waters of the Northeastern United States. The Articles of Incorporation may be reviewed by clicking on the link below that will provide a copy in PDF format.

Articles of Incorporation

In addition, the bylaws include a series of more specific goals that are consistent both the the requirements of an ACA Paddle America Club and the basic goals of the founding members. These may be reviewed by clicking on the link below that will provide a copy of our Bylaws in PDF format.

NACK Bylaws

As the club grows, the Board of Directors continues to formulate and publish policies on various aspects of club governance. The first policy issued is the NACK Work Policy detailing the requirements and guidelines for the member work committment. This is followed by a variety of other policies as shown in the links below:

Work Policy

Training Policy

Membership Policy

We are serious about FUN!

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History of North American Canoe and Kayak - NACK

  Date   Activity  
  4/15/05   Original founding members are organized and commit to the goal of forming a new club based on Long Island.
  Gordon Dayton   Pamela Selkin  
  Elizabeth O'Connor   Stuart Selkin  
  Douglas Ford   Timothy Williams  
  4/21/05   First draft of bylaws (constitution) of the as-yet unarmed club. Work on the bylaws continues through July 05.  
  5/7/05   The name North Atlantic Canoe and Kayak - NACK is agreed upon for the club.  
  6/1/05   On or about this date Derek Hutchinson agrees to act as an adviser to the club.  
  6/6/05   Articles of Incorporation for the Not-For-Profit Corporation are filed with the State of New York .  
  6/7/05   NACK, Incorporated is posted on the New York State website as a domestic Not-For-Profit (Type-B) Corporation.  
  6/26/05   Paddle America Club agreement is submitted to the American Canoe Association.
  • Registration of the six founding (board) members (all are ACA members).
  • Registration of Derek Hutchinson as a new ACA member through NACK.
  7/4/05   First draft of the Website is posted for review by board members only.  
  7/8/05   Application is made to register the domain name: "www.GetTheNACK.org".  
  7/8/05   First official meeting of the Board of Directors with recorded minutes.  
  7/15/05   Final draft of the membership form is accepted for use.  
  7/16/05   Board of Directors Meeting. Bylaws are enacted and plans are made for first General Meeting.  
  7/27/05   First General Meeting of NACK takes place at Connetquot Library at 7:00 pm.  
  8/5/05   Board Meeting:
  • Website: www.GetTheNACK.org is officially posted on the Web
  • Election of Chairman and Officers Pro-Tem for 2005
  • Assignment of temporary Committee Chairmen.
  8/8/05   First members Skills Assessment takes place at Lake Ronkonkoma: Basic Assessment, FW & AFW levels.  
  8/14/05   Member, Elizabeth O'Connor, for the fifth year running, defends her title as National Sea Kayak Women's Marathon Champion at USCA Nationals, Warren PA. For the first year she also wins title of National Womens ICF Champion.  
  8/20/05   First club paddle organized from Osprey Park. Mastic, NY to Fire Island following a morning Assessment. Participants land and cross to view the Atlantic Ocean.  
  8/26/05   General Meeting: Wayne Horodowich of University of Sea Kayaking is Guest Speaker. Wayne offers his personal support to the growth of NACK.  
  9/3/05   NACK Training, Assessment and Certification (TAC) Program formulated and Criteria for member Skills Assessment posted to the website.  
  9/4/05   First ACA Sanctioned Paddle Trip takes place: Labor Day Paddle and Assessment at Sebonac Inlet and Scallop Pond. Members reherse first demo team maneuvers. SIT session christened.  
  9/17/05   First ACA Sanctioned Outreach Event: Booth and Demo at Captree State Park Harvest and Seafood Festival. Unveiling of NACK skills Demo Team: E. O'Connor, G. Dayton & D. Troup - announced by S. Selkin.

Member, Elizabeth O'Connor appointed to SEI Chair & DIF Function for ACA Atlantic Division

Member, Gordon Dayton appointed to Coastal Kayak Chair for ACA-Atlantic Division.
  9/21/05   First Schedule of Events Posted: Fall 2005.

First club contest announced: Trip Planning Competition.
  10/9/05   First NACK Peer Practice session scheduled at Lake Ronkonkoma.  
  10/14/05   First NACK Campout & Paddle weekend on the North Fork of LI.  
  10/19/05   First formal membership cards issued.  
  10/29/05   First NACK sponsored training session: SKSA Coldwater Clinic @ Timber Point Park.  
  11/11/05   Members Gordon Dayton & Elizabeth O'Connor represent NACK and Atlantic Division at ACA Annual Meeting.  
  12/14/05   First General Board Election: Board Member At Large.

First NACK Section formed: NACK Kayak Drill & Demo Team

First retail discount arranged specific to NACK members at EMS.
  12/21/05   First Board Policy issued & posted to website: Work Policy.
  3/22/06   First General Executive Election: Executive Committee Reaffirmed.
  5/12/06   Trip Leader Training program initiated with 10 candidates.
  6/4/06   NACK participates in first ACA-Divisional function: Training Week at Camp Sebago.
  6/18/06   First on-water General Meeting at Lake Ronkonkoma - Peer Practice.
  7/29/06   Current President of NACK, Gordon Dayton, appointed as Clubs Liaison to ACA-SEI Council.
  10/21/06   First "Paddle Out Hunger" paddle on the Connetquot River to benefit local Ministeries; leader: Dan Troup.
  11/2/06   NACK Wins ACA "Stroke of Achievement Award" for excellence in program development.
  5/5/07   First Event of the NACK Racing Section - May Day on the Bay race, Empire Kayaks.
  5/22/07   First NACK Summer On-water meeting at Smith Point on Narrow Bay.
  9/9/07   First Annual Lobster Paddle - paddle on Shinnecock Bay & Dinner at Dockers Restaurant.
  11/17/07   First NACK Canoe Training offered: ACA Essentials of Kayak Touring by Gordon Dayton.
  1/12/08   First NACK Awards Dinner at Cull House, West Sayville, NY. Steve McDonald organizes awards to Roy Baillard (Presidents Award), Ivan Chase (Training Award) and John Weickert (Most Valuable Paddler).
  1/19/08   NACK participates in Wilderness First Aid Training by SOLO (Stonehearth Outdoor Learning Opportunity) organized through SKSA-Ltd.
  5/24/08   First NACK Instructor Assistantship program completed. Roy Baillard and Steve McDonald awarded ACA Essentials of Kayaking (L2) Instructor Certification.
  5/25/08   Elizabeth O'Connor, ACA Training Committee Chair, achieves ACA Open Water Coastal (L4) Instructor Trainer Certification and ACA Level 4 Assessor Status. There are now three ACA Certified Assessors in NACK.
  6/21/08   NACK Demo Team members Steve McDonald, Ann Kaiser, Gordon Dayton and Elizabeth O'Connor captured on film by My Long Island TV at Kayakathon, Riverhead, NY benefitting Riverhead Foundation, Peconic Baykeeper and Long Island Sierra Club.
  7/12/08   First Annual NACK Founding Day Picnic. Founding members, Elizabeth O'Connor and Gordon Dayton are awarded Honorary Life Memberships for dedicated service in founding, guiding and supporting NACK, Inc.

If you never paddle with those better than you, you never improve!

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